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Welcoming our newest Repution: Vey Law

We’re thrilled to introduce our Operations Manager and fellow Repution: Vey!

A daddy’s girl through and through, the Malaysian-born Chinese had always been told by her father that she would find her own way… and she did. Eager to break free from the conventions of a mundane desk job, Vey jumped into radio but left after realizing she was stuck – not just behind a desk, but locked in a sound-proof studio. She then found a job in the jungle, working for a charity called Orangutan Project which filled her days with back breaking labor, and that too was short lived.

Like all Instagram worshipping Millennials of her generation, she also enjoys traveling and would love nothing more than to backpack around Europe or packing her life into a van and kissing societal norms goodbye. While not daydreaming, she can be found buried behind a camera or a book. Her true passion lies in storytelling, which she does through her blog and Youtube channel.

Always happy to talk to strangers, you can drop Vey a message here.

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