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Welcoming our newest Repution: Amish Gir

We’re thrilled to welcome our new Marketing Executive to the ever-growing Reputio family, Amish Gir.

Amish hails from England and studied at the University of Cambridge. After studying Biology he realised that he wanted to enter the faster paced world of tech startups. He started a career in selling software to the public sector and he found his calling in customer relationship building, business insights and marketing.

Amish loves to travel, whether it’s road trips through Europe or weekends aways in Turkey, Dubai and “sunny” England. Other pastimes include graphic design and avidly watching films, from kitsch rom coms to cerebral sci-fi.

When he’s not consuming all the content Netflix has to offer, he’s tutoring students, volunteering or helping businesses realise their marketing goals.

Feel free to reach out to Amish here.

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